30 September 2009

Mountain Views

Recently, most of the photos I have taken I am not able to publish due OPSEC...so I am left with mountain views from my hooch. It really does look a lot like Pocatello, Idaho.

This evening a few folks in my shop had dinner together to celebrate the promotion of our Albanian friend. Congrats to our new Lt Col.

Until next time: Keep your eye on a shipmate, head on a swivel and stand by to Give'em Hell! Hooah

17 September 2009

Camp Eggers Volunteer Community Relations

The Camp Eggers Volunteer Community Relations (VCR) program enhances the partnership with the people of Afghanistan while providing a venue for US and Coalition troops to assist others. Through this program, Camp Eggers VCR volunteers interact with local nationals at various locations in the Kabul area, including schools, orphanages, medical centers and Internally Displaced Persons camps. The Afghan people in these locations are not as fortunate as we are and could greatly benefit from your support to improve their quality of life. With winter coming, items like gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, coats, and blankets are critical. Conservative clothing for men, women, and children are also needed. Shoes, non-electronic toys, school supplies, and hygiene items are of great assistance too.

The VCR program is also involved with forwarding items to US service members located at smaller forward operating bases (FOBs) and other locations that may not have the PX facilities that most of the larger camps have. Donations of personal hygiene items, CD or DVD tapes, magazines, and other items that service members would enjoy are welcome.

If you have any of the above mentioned items that are new or gently used and would like to donate them, please mail to:

CSTC-A, Pool House
APO, AE 09356

We can't give religious material to the Afghan people, so please refrain from including this in your donations.

Highland Sailor, Camp Eggers VCR and the people of Afghanistan thank you for your support.

16 September 2009

Chief Petty Officers

Today, I had the privilege of attending this year's CPO pinning ceremony. I was honestly surprised by the excellent turnout. BZ to our new Chiefs. (DOD Photo)

14 September 2009


After a 4 hour C-17 ride, I landed at Bagram Airfield north of Kabul. 24 hours later, I was on a C-130 headed for Kabul and a short, eye opening convoy to my new home. Very limited photos due to OPSEC. More to follow...

Until next time: Keep your eye on a shipmate, head on a swivel and stand by to Give'em Hell! Hooah!

Kuwaiti Desert Update

I spent the last week finishing training in the Udari Range in Western Kuwait. The training was very much the same as at Fort Jackson with the exception of the scenery and temperature (122 F).

Convoy Practice.

The facilities at Udari are very limited. All Hands share a common tent, no cots, porta potties for the head, no running water and my favorite MREs. This is a pic of our living arrangements, a cross between a slumber party and junior high summer camp.

Convoy back to my awaiting C-17.

Until next time: Keep your eye on a shipmate, head on a swivel and stand by to Give'em Hell! Hooah!

07 September 2009


Today, I spent most of the morning learning how to drive off road in my Hummvee. (I actually already know how to drive off road, but the Narmy said I needed the course.)

Things were going great until we got stuck in the soft sand...and that is when we broke the front drive shaft.

All of which led to our morning hike in the desert.

Until next time: Keep your eye on a shipmate, head on a swivel and stand by to Give'em Hell! Hooah!

06 September 2009

Boots on the Ground

This past week has been a busy one. Friday, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon, packed our sea bags, said another round of goodbyes and took the traditional platoon photo in front of a Fort Jackson ILAV (Iraq Light Armored Vehicle).

We left Fort Jackson/Camp McCrady and well over a hundred civilians (mostly veterans and civic group members) were there to see us off. We flew a charter (World Airways) DC-10 and stopped in Bangor, Maine where another hundred or so civilians were there to shake our hands. It is pretty humbling when so many people take time out of their lives to wish you well.

After our brief stop in Maine, we flew translant. Along the way we over flew Scotland unfortunately, we were at 30,000 feet. Hopefully, someday I'll get a better look. After a short stop in Germany, we landed in Kuwait. I will be in Kuwait for the last of my Narmy education, mostly weapons and convoy related training. Camp Virginia, Kuwait is dry, sandy, and very hot. It's like Phoenix or Hell (both very similar) without the air conditioning.

This is my hooch (Tent, General Purpose, Medium) for the next little while.

View of my "street" on Camp Virginia.

Until next time: Keep your eye on a shipmate, head on a swivel and stand by to Give'em Hell! Hooah!
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