10 February 2010

Mid-February Update

Just a short update I apologize for not updating you all more often, but I have been extremely busy. My Boss, My Bosses Boss and my Bosses Bosses Boss have all changed in the last week, so I have been training their reliefs. It is time consuming to train one superior, even more so when you need to train three.

We received our first significant snow fall this week with low temps in the single digits and highs in the 30s. I didn't think about taking pictures at the time and the local workers have already shoveled the snow away. So...since I don't have a photo I thought I would post this one.

One of my top 3 favorite bars in the world, the Raffles Bar. Noel Coward, Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad and The Highland Sailor all drank there. The bar has some great history, the last tiger in Singapore was shot under the billiard room and 300 Japanese soldiers committed suicide in the lobby when when Singapore fell to the Americans near the end of WWII. When the wind chill blows and it feels like 30 below, I remember back when I was at the bar with a Singapore Sling.

We have stopped our VCR missions for a while. Not because there is not a need, but rather because we ran out of supplies and donations to pass out. Your used winter clothing, toys, blankets are desperately needed, please send your donations to:

Chaplain's Office
Chaplain Fish
CSTC-A, Pool House
APO, AE 09356

Until next time: Keep your eye on a shipmate, head on a swivel and stand by to Give'em Hell!
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