23 August 2009

NIACT Update

This past week was a busy one at Camp McCrady.
Alpha Company started the week with our Navy Individual Augment Combat Training (NIACT) Check In Brief and Gear Issue (4 sea bags of stuff, 2 of which I have been told I'll never use.) We also had our weapons issued (M16 A2 Rifle & M9 Pistol) and then spent some time learning how to assemble our IBAs (Individual Body Armor).

Later, we completed Basic and Advance Rifle Marksmanship Training, Combat First Aid Course, Heat Stress Training and Communication (aka Radio) Training. The Rifle Training was very good, the other training not so much.

HMMWV (Humvee) Convoy Intro and Practice was fun for the first five minutes then the novelty wore off.

After the HMMWV Training it was time to "Zero" the M16 Rifle.

We shot a lot of ammo during our M16 Practice session.

As busy as Alpha Company was, we also became well acquainted with the Army term "Hurry Up and Wait.

It is tradition that every time I go to sea, I grow a "Deployment Mustache". Here is a very sweaty, four day old one.

All in all this has been a good week. Very long, hot days but definitely worth while. Alpha Company's Drill Sergeants are great and are more than willing to help us as we learn to put our boots on the ground.

Until next time: Keep your eye on a shipmate, head on a swivel and stand by to Give'em Hell! Hooah!


Brandon Caldwell said...
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Highland Sailor said...
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Highland Sailor said...

Brandon, Thanks for the comment. I deleted yor comment due to release of personal information. Think OPSEC. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Keep up the good work in school. Maybe someday we'll serve together.

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